Wednesday, February 2, 2011

With Time I Grow, With Time I Cease

Tomorrow will be a different me, the 'me' today will have died. Time will have overtaken all my actions and made me the proud owner of a baggage, that I cannot change, just carry it in ways that best suit today!

Someone once quoted, "it's not the burden of life that bends our back, its the way we carry it!" And as we carry it, we are gradually moving towards a grave, where we shall be buried, along with the baggage, for no one will remember us, nor the baggage we carried... So why the importance to actions of today and speculations of what people will say tomorrow, when finally it will make no difference?

There is a song in Marathi - Jana Pal Bhar Mhantil Haaya Haaya, Me jaata rahil kaarya kay? The world will mourn for me for a minute, but when I pass what actions (or baggage) will be left behind?

So! Mes Amis, on this joyful thought that nobody will cry over your grave too much, why don't we start living? The thought of tomorrow eats into your system and you worry, " What will people say?" "How will I be able to live with myself?" You will be!! and quite happily too.

So break the shackles and run...
Let the speed not limit you, not limit you as you run...

Go over that mountain, that barrier, just run...
The world beyond is scary, just like the one you are leaving behind,
so run...

As you roll down valley, and in fear you think, why did I run?
You will hit the base, the base of flowers soft, brushing the pain of thorns,
Why? because you dared to run...

And there will be a new breath, as you run...
There will be winds and there will be gales, you won't mind them,
because you are on a run...

Pea-soupers will blur your vision, of course, while you run..
There will be the fear of collision,
there is a fear when you run...

But shackles will bound,
The fear around,
Your limbs to the ground,
All for the a grave,
Where nor human nor hound,
Will mourn more than a sound!

So run...
For with time I shall grow,
with time I shall cease,
and no one will remember,
how I learned to freeze!!

P.S - (Freezing is the metaphor for freezing your wishes and desires, not just something that rhymes with cease :P)


  1. thoughtful words indeed wonder you are one of the happiest souls ive ever met!

  2. Beautifully written sis...very well done..