Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Those days of innocence, sure had me convinced,
Time was the answer, pain would be vanquished!

Those were days of innocence, sure I was convinced,
I was hurt by a ‘no’, recovery could be kissed!

The days of innocence have passed, and I am still keeping faith,
I will be a happy person, on the threshold of death!

I am a human child; I have learned all the tricks,
How to step ahead in life, to plaster a smile that sticks!

I have compressed that little space, where darkness seems to live,
I am magicking a few stars, for the warm glow they give!

Now my tears are of happiness and victory rents the sky,
What joyous occasions, hear my triumphant cry!

My happiness has been sharpened, has smoothened, has been toned,
My age and wisdom flaunted, the art of living honed!

Today I say goodbye, see me off I am dying,
Innocent times were a lie, I am still a grieving!

P.S. The society that we live in considers grieving a weakness and expects you to 'get over it'. But some things will never be right, never stop hurting and never will never leave the mind! We learn to move on, but we never stop grieving.


  1. Few people I know are as brutally honest as you, don't think many would admit to any weaknesses, leave alone one like this. Great write up, great read.

  2. Truly said, could relate to it :-)

    I love reading your posts :-)