Monday, December 12, 2011

I rest my case

They say its evil, I rest my case;

Your heart has caught a faster beat,
Love it is, love it is, or is it?
When your eyes blaze and tears leave a trail,
That may be me, in your heart as well!

Your eyes are red and you beat down the ground,
Rage it is, rage it is, or is it?
When you see that face and actions make,
That maybe me, the pain you rake!

Your shoulders are squared,your mouth set,
Pride it is, pride it is, or is it?
When emotions you hold and you ignore,
That may be me, a vacuum you bore!

Losses and focus, ambitions and hate,
All win against me, they are considered passionate,
I bring out passion, I ring that bell,
I help you hang on, when life is hell,

Jealousy ... they say I am evil, I rest my case


  1. I never knew there was so much rhythm in you - nice poetry, write more...