Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The route you take!!

Every person who knows me a little, tells me there is a problem in my attitude, that is stopping me from reaching the top and reigning the world (the world or space of whatever it is I am doing). I am sure there is a bit of a problem...

But no one has ever asked me, "Why do you have such a laid back attitude?" Today I will answer it without having been asked. Self expression!! Or maybe its just an attempt to find out for myself, who I really am and why do I have this attitude...

In life there are three routes, that take you to the top and there are 4 kinds of travellers (people). Category one, who prefer to stay at the foothills of the mountain and not even attempt to climb it. Category two is the exact opposite, they take the steepest and the shortest route and zoom ahead and these people reign the world. Category three is those who do no not or cannot take the steepest route, but go around laboriously, neck bent, hot in pursuit to reach the top and make their mark.

And then there is category four, we do not want to take the shortest and the steepest route for the journey is too tiresome, troublesome and mainly short! We would go right round, but then stop a while too just to enjoy that part of the journey and not hurry towards the goal. Or maybe I should just explain in a simpler poetic manner -

The mountain towers, over the winding road,
A car shoots through, its bearing some load!

A turn and a twist, accelerating at the slopes,
It has reached high, pushed by all hopes!

It has reached here without a squeak or a chime,
Crossed all barriers and taken 'one turn at a time!'

Just slow a bit, to see what nature has to show,
Smile at everyone, wave at those you know!

Open your door to the one's who need a lift,
To make space, ask yourself to shift!

What is the hurry? For a few pieces if metal,
Sometimes its better to share over a whistling kettle!

Just slow a little, while your battles are won,
To find their worth, turn to the sun!

Reach the highest, without a squeak or a chime,
Cross all barriers, take one turn at a time!

Just a little about my outlook towards life! I might die without reaching the top, but I will die happy!


  1. Very nicely written, my laid-back gal. Now i know your attitude, actually i knew from way back why you are like this and i always respected that in you. This is what makes Manjiree Manjiree. :)

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  3. I am still trying to figure out under what category do i fall !!...For tht i wud need a personal counselling session wid u ;)

    btw jerry...very well written :)...happy blogging !!!

  4. Success is not only about reaching the top, but also about enjoying the journey!! And u seem to be doing it well lady :)

    And yes, a very well written blog :)

  5. Very well written..

    Enjoy every bit of the journey, its worth every bit:)

  6. Give me a hiiiigh 5... birds of a feather flock together..

  7. Wow!!! hats of to the poetic expression... I loved it!! Manj...keep writing and delighting the readers... enjoy the journey!!
    you actually divided people in 4 extreme categories... I believe people behave according to situations and opportunities that decide the route they take !! Cheers..