Monday, September 12, 2011

What's in the Name?

I changed the name of my blog. It does not come with a promise of happiness now! It comes with some stories though. Happy, sad, sarcastic and any emotion that you and I know of. Why did I change the name of the blog? Now there in lies a story too...

Happiness is such a limiting emotion. When I began my journey of writing, I thought, "Everyone writes and shares their woes on the personal blogs. It is like their sounding board. People just refuse to count blessings! I will be that 'cult figure' who broke this notion. I shall write only and only about happiness. " I was able to write a few thoughts but soon the emotion that brought me such joy, began to make me irritable. What was this limitation of finding joy in everything... What sort of obsession was I creating for myself!

But a stubborn, egoistic part of me stuck to the resolution. Happiness it is that I shall discover, write about and share with the world which has so less to celebrate!

As a result I slowly ceased to write. Some said I was lazy, some said I had exhausted my capacity to write. Truth is I just could not ignore the other emotions any longer. They were knocking on my mind incessantly to give them a chance. They would entice readers too, and would help people be happy as well, is what they claimed! After long months of persuasion my ego has succumbed and now I begin a fresh journey with information, emotions and people whether sad or happy, sarcy or innocent, loving or wicked! Its a chance I give them to prove their worth against my favourite emotion, a state, I call happiness!

It is a chance I give myself to discover whether embracing all emotions will give me the much elusive Happiness I try to make a part of my life ever so often...

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