Monday, January 24, 2011

Of Sunshine and the Monsoon Cloud!

As a child I grew in a simple town,
But I travelled north and then down south,

I went to the beaches and up the hills,
Listening to people, I heard them mouth,

"tonight it will rain and how the drops will clatter,"
I don't know why, but I din't hear the patter!

I heard a beat in the raindrop roar,
The frequency changing, from less to more!

Down the beach I heard a grumble,
"The sea is a trouble, it won't stop its murmur",

I don't know why I din't hear it talk,
But I certainly heard it whisper to God!

Up on the hills, the natives complained,
"Close the doors, the wind continues to rumble"

I don't know why I din't hear the mirth,
I think I heard it sing with the earth!

Up the hills and down the beaches,
With rock or sand 'round me,

The rain and the wind, the sea and the hill,
Were all music to me!


  1. i love beaches and the seas....i get bored on mountains and hill tops...but very nice indeed...

  2. hmmmm....nice manjiree philosophical stuff..:) :)