Friday, May 18, 2012


Its been a little while, since our laughter has started to spill,
It has been a little while, since silence has started to kill!

What is it that you tell me, that answers all the questions,
What is it that I hear, that takes care of puzzling notions!

Is it simple sentences, or agonising riddles you ask,
Do I follow every word, or is each sigh a task!

Is it stories that you weave, or the truth upon me you deem,
Am I going to the world of fairies, or is it all a dream!

Do you get it when I say, with you I can be me,
Do you really agree, that heaven is ginger and tea!

How long are we to talk, how long will this go,
Are you going to listen, and smile and watch me grow!

Is this what forever is, and life and breath come on time's lease,
But conversations that we make, will never seem to cease!

P.S. The most significant part of any relationship is the exchange of words and thoughts. But a relationship always starts with questions, some that you ask and some that you don't. These are some questions that are hard to ask and need some pondering!