Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I belong to the Old School

Looser.. Such a looser!! Ok seriously, who is this person calling a 'loser', when he/she can't even spell LOSER right. That is right I am the irritating soul, who loves correcting people. Specially when they make grammatical errors. This is one common mistake, that I cannot stand. Being unable to differentiate between Lose and Loose. Come on guys!.. to lose is when you misplace an object, or get beaten in a game. Whereas, loose is an adjective which is used when you buy a shirt bigger than your size, or don't pull your shoe-laces tight enough.. It has also been used to describe a person's character.

A similar mistake is made when people say Anyways. What is anyways? How can 'any' become plural? Can everyone become everyones? Similarly 'any' will always remain a singular word and thus, the suffix, way, will be singular too.

People tell me to relax... Some say it's the way a language evolves. Do I speak like people spoke 200 years ago? But that is not the point ( no it's not!). I agree that language changes it's set of words, and maybe some rules. But how can one word be replaced by another? Or singular become plural? Can I call you Snehas or Rahuls? How can the past tense of 'overcome' become overcomed? It will always remain overcame, how much ever the language changes. We may stop using the word, but the past tense of come - came not comed!! Even the idiotic, American computer says that their is no such word as comed. That should motivate us, Indians, to try and speak correct (not better) English.

I rest my case with that. You may agree, may not. Anyways, I remain the student of the old school!


  1. Thanks for the insightful insight. ( hope no grammatical errors in this ) :) :)

  2. Ok sis now tell me who has done this grave mistake of irritating you?
    If you ignore the "Angry" part, the blog is written very well my dear..

  3. Jerry lemme correct u the last sentence u have written 'Anyways, I remain...'

    neways (i'm very fond of this word and i would use this word, though i know it's WRONG)...very well written !

  4. @Poorvi.. the last part dear is just to add punch and done knowingly :)

  5. Where did you GOT all this info??? Anyways :) Keep up the good work and put blogs often..