Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Some people love to nag. Its not that they want to irritate you, or trouble you, its just an unavoidable force that makes them nag and feel good.
I know some people who can nag and peck till you are ready to scream ( i just give a dazed look and zone out). Now one of those people happens to be my friend Noopur Bapna. Noopur by nature is quite a nice girl, helpful, et al. But..... God made her a nagger. So when you meet her she will nag you about your work, laziness, sleeping habits, eating habits, way of dressing, walking, talking... and the works. Like I said some zone out, some laugh, some cover their ears and leave the place, etc. But Noopur cannot stop nagging.
One fine day she decided I should start a blog. For the next one week I heard nothing else but how, why, where, when and why I should blog. Anytime I said anything there was one question, "so started blogging yet?" (My response was obviously to zone out) However, the idea had struck me. I was just waiting for the 'right idea to strike'. And then it came, why not write on her, the Nagging Noopur? Oh yes she nags, but with some of the most brilliant ideas.
Seriously, how many friends do we have who nag us to stop the fun and get to work? How many who nag to help out because they know you will do a mediocre job? Or lets just say how many nag because it will benefit only you, and no one else, (specially not them) but you?
Every person touches your life in a different way, some in a very special way (no pun intended). Noopur managed to touch my life in a way that makes a go-getter out of a lazy person.
So here's to the naggers. For being pushy, and obstinate. For grilling in the message and for making sure that you finish what you set out to do. Here's to Noopur, the starting of a journey which promises happiness.


  1. Gr8 flow of writing...keep up the good work Jerry !!!

    best wishes and luv :)

  2. Cheers to both of you.. You better write more from now, Manjaree...!!

  3. Hey really great piece and its heartfelt too.....keep up the good work...

  4. :) hehehe! u sure did bring happiness into my otherwise monotonous day! and I could almost hear u speaking that out! fun read!

  5. My nagging helped.. :).
    Love u for this..
    really mean it!

  6. awesome cuttyy...Nagging Noopur and Mindblowing Manjiree just rock!!

  7. Good Job Manjiree..
    And Noopur, thanks for nagging me too :)

  8. LUV this post :)
    and couldnt stop laughin, its tooooooo cool

    well it Nagging not only helped u but also helped me get a job :P
    and hope it continues to ensure i start of with my restaurant sooooooon :)

  9. So nice to read, Manjiree! Totally loved it... Hope you keep writing... And congrats on your nagging buddy... :) Life will surely be that much better with her around... :D

  10. awesomess....umaaah to yu and nupuuuu:)

  11. thats so true girl....so true when u look at things in perspective...