Thursday, June 19, 2014

Paw - WOWs!

Donkey coloured clouds, lined with gold, dotted the sky. The breeze danced and light sun rays played with the leaves and  shadows. It is anti-climactic then, that this day made me cynical about "being human". Perfectly expected, though, to understand what true kindness is!

I was having a particularly good day. It was an off day from work, I had risen to a gold drenched morning and had met up with a long time friend over delicious and fattening breakfast, washed down with some tangy news exchange.

We said a fond goodbye and I walked towards the two-wheeler parking area, humming the tune of the songbird who flies down to my window and chirrups merrily, irking me on most days. My scooter, it turned out was 'V' blocked by 2 motorcycles, out of my strength limits to be moved. I stared for a minute, then looked around. Other than a scruffy, brown dog there was no one to help.

A man in his 50s and his daughter soon hurried into the lot, sneaked a glance in my direction and swooped out faster than Superman. As they zoomed past, the dog barked loudly, size and the bark not a match here for sure. Now, I was a little scared too. What if he decided to charge at me? Bite worse than his bark!

Luckily for me, one of the motorcyclist came to collect his bike. Without so much as an apologetic glance, he began to unpark his bike and I strode forward to get mine. There was very little space on the side where the other bike was parked and in my hurry to get the scooter of its stand, we both - the bike and I - tumbled. The motorcyclist on my side, gave me an appraising look, kicked his bike to life, revved a couple of times and waved goodbye with the rising dust.

I lay sprawled on the ground, eyes following his trail, gobsmacked. Someone just fell right next to you! I was not grievously hurt  that his time was to be wasted in carrying me to the hospital, nor was I in an accident where the police was going to be involved. It was as mundane as someone dropping their hankerchief in front of you, and you pick it up for them. That is curtesy, manners, upbringing, values, culture, chivalry, humanity!

I looked down and saw my big toe was slightly scractched and the skin was broken superficially. My hands were a little sore trying to break the fall, and the rest of me was dusty. No biggie. I brushed my jeans and hands while still on the ground and was preparing to get up, when from the corner of my eye I saw the dog sneak up and stand next to me.

Avoiding eye contact (they say if you ignore a dog, it won't attack you) I stood up and started picking my scooter.

In a moment of solidarity, the dog nuzzled the handlebar too, his compassion and my gratefulness, why we could have lifted a mountain! With the bike up, he trotted over to me and gently licked my scratched toe, woofed and wagged his tail. It was all going to be fine!

P.S. - Sniffy, nuzzly, waggy, licky ... human kind's best friend!


  1. GOD, spelt both ways, is man's (and woman's) best need to experience it to know this.

    I really miss my dog :(

    - CRD