Friday, November 13, 2015


I saw it on a pearly night,
When the moon was shining full!
It peered shyly from the round the kerb,
Gave the leaves a pull!

My eyes transfixed, by this magical sight,
I quietly gazed through the window!
The trusting eyes, the hazel light,
I was enchanted by this magical doe!

Its silky skin, the silvery sheen,
There it stood a shimmering!
Upon which its shadows fell,
It brightened almost everything!

Tip-toeing across to the rusted gates,
Silent to the twitching ear,
I reached out with trembling hands,
To stroke, to hold, to get a little near!

It was there
It was air
It was a well cast illusion

It was a feeling,
It has a meaning,
Its my world utopian!

P.S. That dream, which may never come true but you cherish anyway!

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