Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A delightful life 'Indeed'

Once upon a time, in a city not too far, not too unknown lived a little girl with her parents in a cozy little house. Her parents loved her and she was the center of their existence. It was a delightful life for a child indeed, for she got what she demanded, and sometimes even without a demand! Every morning her mum woke her up with a loving smile and helped her get ready for school. Her father dropped her to school every single day and carried her heavy backpack, and a lunch bag brimming with choicest snacks made specially for the apple of their eye. After school, there was her father, waiting at the school gates to ride his princess home. In the evenings the little girl accompanied her mother to the market and helped her mother pick up all the things she liked, and her mother never said no! It was a delightful life for a child indeed...

As the girl grew up, she blossomed in a beautiful young woman with an innocent smile and a mild manner. She was an obedient and dutiful daughter who never went against her parents' wishes and consulted them before every decision. It was a beautiful relationship they shared. Every little thing she did and thought she shared with her parents, for they were her best friends! There was a nice humdrum to their lives even now. Every morning the mother woke her with a smile and helped her get ready. The father, on his way to work  managed to drop her to her college and in the evenings her mother met her near the college bazaar so they could shop together! It was a delightful life for a girl indeed...

One day an elderly neighbourhood aunt visited the happy little family. The aunt found the young lady alone at home. The young woman welcomed her aunt in and asked her to sit. Conversation began to flow and they talked about life and weather, when the aunt remarked "Your parents are lucky to have such an obedient and dutiful daughter, in a world where children do not care for their parents you do their bidding as though it were the most natural thing! It is a delightful life they lead indeed..."

That broke the dam, that broke the ice,
for the girl she wailed, this life isn't mine
This is the life of a person who is bribed!

It is a chain, it is a cage,
they  trapped me in greed, they trapped me as a child,
This is the life of a person who is bribed!

It is an anguish, it is a fear,
they nipped me as a bud, they squeezed me when I was mild,
This is the life of a person who is bribed!

It was a delightful ploy indeed...
To bribe the little girl, to shackle the child!