Thursday, July 5, 2012

The God Particle!

Monsoons have started lashing their fury upon us. I have seen pedestrians, huff and puff in the heat and humidity, pray to the God of rain Varun for showers of relief and cool. And now when he has just about started I can already hear complaining murmurs. GUYS! He is from the community of Gods, they can hear all this back biting...

Anyway I digress. So as is the routine I forgot my umbrella on the evening it would rain most and had to hastily take cover under the awning of a cafe! Now I agree I could have taken comfort inside, in the warmth of steaming coffee but that meant wasting valuable time if the rain stopped suddenly... truly that was the reason! And under the awning I met Robert the Robot...

Oh quit rolling your eyes so cynically thinking it to be such a cliche. He was named after Robert Bosch a great engineer and an efficient businessman! What better name for a robot?

Robert was quite pleasant for his kind and his vocal throw slot actually seemed like it was designed to look like a smile. So I nodded and said, "Looks like a hearty storm is brewing out there! Forgotten your water repellant I see." How very British of me - talk about the weather and state the obvious! But Robert did not mind, in a voice mellow for his kind, he told me his repellant was at the lab and he had been on his way to collect it. Well, so dratted luck wasn't just for humans, the Robot community got that in heritage from us. He reflected upon this observation and analysed that they did not inherit from their creators, much as we would like to believe it. They had their own perfections and few flaws but very organic ones not inheritance, he shuddered!

Well, well Robert it would be extremely arrogant to believe that a species not even a decade old would want to detach itself from its creator in a manner that makes me think they are ashamed of us. For without us they would not exist! Robert let some warm air out to dry his moistening valves and said, "'H' you were created by God right? You haven't inherited anything from him, so why can't you accept that other than creation you play no role in my species?"

"Well," I raged with cheeks puffed and colour puce, "I did inherit Godliness from my creator. It is the reason why I con, like Krishna himself did and the reason why I treat nature like my property for that is what the mighty Hanuman did. I treat my women like public places for Ram, the complete man, saw it fit and I indulge in impulse and cravings for that is what the Great Shiva did! Don't you dare say I share nothing in common with my creator.."

Robert took a while to process this and then with a momentary hanging of systems due to moisture he slowly loaded just a line to his vocal throw slot, "Oh 'H' I get it now. The Godliness has skipped a generation and has come to us Robots."

P.S. - I saw a news on NDTV about scientists discovering the God Particle and thought if its particles God is made of, and we inherited some from Him,  maybe we missed out on all the right ones!