Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Born to be Slain

He snuggled and slept in her soft bosom,
Her hands were his heaven, the touch of a blossom.

When pain beckoned, his eyes welled and her heart shattered,
He walked on the roses, thorns cut her, her blood never mattered.

Mother - God made stronger than himself!

Her caress was a feather that made him cry and sigh,
He was her sole master, for him she would die.

The moment his eyes opened, on hand and foot she stood,
If he were to desire she would help him swallow food.

Wife - God gave her Sacrifice and wept himself!

Her little eyes twinkled, her hands reached in love,
She had nothing to offer - a stupid white dove.

He slashed off her feathers and ripped off the limbs,
He was the one who made her, she was his to kill...

Daughter - God made her to be slain and died himself!

This post is a in tribute to Baby Neha Afreen and the thousands of daughters who are abused and murdered every year in each corner of this country.


  1. O My GOD! So touching and so true...with words so few...good gal manja.. excellent writing!