Thursday, March 15, 2012


In a quick fluid moment, she made a gentle knot.

Not a noose, never pulled,
Nor a thimble, never spooled!

It ran, it tumbled, a little woolly ball

Fingers never pulling its tail,
Eyes following the jumbled trail!

Slow and shaky, wrinkled deft hands.

Soft touches, gentle sighs,
Clever angles, stitches and  ties!

A sweater now the woolly ball.

Chilly winters, warm hug,
The heart feels a little tug!

She never pulled, she never pushed.

Knitted a little person to be,
Needle's granny, Woolly ball me!


  1. kahi samzatch nahi...kashala sundar kashala cute??

  2. Is it the result of that intense night long conversation.. If yes, we should plan such interactions little more often

    1. it sure is.. :) and yes a timely push from you has always worked well for me..