Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Waiting for the Rains!

Beyond beautiful, he said it looks
When the clouds kiss the babbling brooks!

The dry grass bristles in a restless breeze
Then there is a final golden glimpse!

As the dark ball of cotton heaves
Trees sway to the sound of new born leaves!

Darling, you have missed much
Oh, you have missed the moist touch
Wait for the rains, this time for the rains!

The colours change from flaming red
To a green that darkens to an emerald shade!

Why, the earth itself will take a turn
To a silky texture of a chocolate urn!

Warriors from above will give a cry
The arrows will hit bull's eye!

Darling, you have missed that war
You have missed the best revolution of all
Wait for the rains, this time for the rains!

I can hear the winds that lash
I can feel the drops that splash!

I long to touch the silken mud
I long for the birth of the tiny bud!

I dream of the sky tearing apart
I dream of the new beginning in my heart!

Dear God, I have missed that bright rainbow
I have missed out on your magic show
Waiting for the rains, this time for the rains!

P.S. Rain here is the symbol of utopia. A state of complete happiness we believe exists in one form or the other, but never find. It is that thirst to attain that exquisite feeling.

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