Monday, August 19, 2013

20 Minutes

Saturday morning dawns, a bit later than usual, and I roll over in my bed, enconsced in my comforter. The warmth and the dark room is making me all fuzzy and happy. I enjoy mornings when I can truly sieze such moments of laziness in peace, while people go on with their lives around me.
There now, this scientist I know has woken up at an uncommonly early hour, and is snarfing his way through colourful cereal while thinking up things that make no sense, even when they do in the natural order of things that we fail to see. I marvel at the cool logic, some people really connect things well.
Anyway, I go about my routine, brushing and washing, while my next door neighbours decide to play games in the morning. They are a great bunch, each one has this exaggerated trait that never manifests so fully seen in any other person. Bits of them, maybe! They seem to be having fun though, smoothening those sharp edges. Its a wholesome unit, bringing out the worst and turning it to the best, really well connected!
And wow! I know its the weekend, but the lucky, rich guy, is already drinking. Or probably he never stopped from last night. He is 'attitude personified', arrogance being the attitude. But he loves himself and cannot find a fault with anything he does. Some part of me wishes I could be like that, I believe everyone does. To be someone who has accepted and loves oneself so completely, that would be real great connection with the self, unlike that muttering, stuttering, afraid of self alter ego that is so prominent.
Who is that running down the stairs? Must be that guy from upstairs. He is really silly and cannot catch a break. Everything he does, defies logic and common sense! Keeps mooning over girls, hoping someone will take him and marry him. When the whole world is running away from all of this, its all commitment this and commitment that for him. Kind of keeps the hope alive in me... damnit! Sure be great to connect on that level with someone.
Hah! he has run into that weird yellow family downstairs. Middle name 'Cynical' for all members. You say one thing sentimental, honest, moral or ideal and they swoop down and break every illusion. Its all 'cut the crap' for them. If you need a heady dose of reality check, do connect with them.
And then there is the ugly girl and the broke girl and that family with really modern ideas. Oh no its not me.. someone has to stop making that connection that fast!
I love Saturday mornings and the 20 minutes of joy that brilliant writers of sit coms bring to me. They armake the characters a part of my life, and they make me think as I laugh. Some think its a little pathetic, this dependence on make believe characters and their charades to fill up the void due to my mind's lack of desire to dream up great things or brood over worldly problems. But as Joey says, "Turns out I don't have those many thoughts."
P.S. - I, truly am, a sucker for sitcoms! And I deeply respect the writers, who are due a lot more credit than actors, for joining the dots so well.


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